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Life's a snail.

Do you ever feel like a snail, and that life is running at a real fast pace around you while you just chug along? Not me. I feel like I am that fast pace, and that life is that snail, neglecting to keep up.

I have been so beyond busy since the opening at the new shop, (which is still nameless), that lately I have definitely had that crazy, crazy feeling like I'm running on London time, while everyone else is living west coast using some sort of Sleepy-Pacific time. 

I'm not trying to say I'm doing anything different it's just, there is no 9 to 5 for us. And I wouldn't change that either. The only thing I could ask for right now, in this hectic schedule, is more time with my son. At the drop of a hat I am there,  but he does notice I work a lot.

When your little three year old looks at you and says, " Daddy, I miss you.", that is rough.

Well he's sleeping right now, I can go back to drawing.

White koi fish tattoos

Tattoo Lion-Tribal

Tattoo Lion -TribalLion Tattoo -Tribal

Tattoo Elmore

Tattoo Elmore
Tattoo Elmore

Tattoo Cross

Tattoo Cross
Tattoo Cross

Friday, May 9, 2008

New View, Different Angle.

Well, I have to say the neighborhood has changed.

It's really strange when you look back.

Someone important to me once said, "You can look into the past, just don't stare."
Also working down the street all those years made it very easy to come back to this area. I love it. It's old.
I used to live in the Santa Rosa building (where the Belmont Barbershop is now located), and that was at the beginning of my apprenticeship. When I lived there I used to stare out the kitchen window at the giant billboard on top of the Lee building. For a about a year it posed as hope that one day I could get new jeans too. (Gap ad) Or maybe it was something a little deeper.

I think I was just looking at the future.