Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gypsy girls and bad excuses

It's been a little quiet on the Conspiracy blog lately, sorry about that.
It's not cause we're not doing stuff, or that we're doing stuff and we just don't wanna tell you.
Not at all.
We've just been traveling and now that we're home for the summer, we're still super busy.
Will it ever slow down?
Hopefully not!

I'll be posting some exciting guest artist news real soon, but until then, here's few pictures of some work in progress.

Mads is almost done with his gypsy girl-mask-toucan 3/4 sleeve
They finished the eyes after i left, but she's still pretty damn cute, right?

Alright, more updates soon.

1 July:Judgment Day

Tomorrow the first of July, the day of entry into force of the law on gaming establishments.From 0.00 o'clock all gaming establishments should change activities or closed.Many such establishments holding criminal elements.Now only in Moscow employs about 500 such establishments including 30 casinos, and now all this megagainful activities need closed or just move it in a specially reserved for this area

3.Rostovskaya oblast.
4.Kaliningradskaya oblast.

Most of all I like to areas on the Altay

The beauty, fresh air, forests, fields, mountains, CASINOS! There are any road?

I do not know what will be but the first time to appear clandestine casinos.I think with the times some casinos will move to special areas, but in what area?To those that close to the money.Where is the money in Russia?Of course in Moscow!Therefore will build a casino in the area of No. 3 and 4.This is the first areas of the most profitable for Moscow casino's owners.

Next, how to build these areas.Build casino on wasteland and sit waiting for customers is foolishly.Nobody not going from Moscow to Altay play to roulette.Therefore need to build a casino and a residential complex that will include gambling establishments ,elite hotels, swimming pools, ski slopes, airfield and other amenities which are needed for normal rich person for relaxation.And if this area is far simple plodder never going to there,only the rich and for few days.Few days they will be leave our money!Long distance will be as a filter which will filter out normal people from the rich.

All this is just my thoughts, and not more but at 0.00 o'clock will begin something interesting.

Show Must Go On

Koi tattoo designs

Stars tattoo

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


Our book was and is illegally being pirated by juliobarahona69@hotmail.com among others.... if you see this name associated with "Tattoo Machines & their Secrets" KNOW that this person is in violation of international copyright law...

Shevkunenko Sergey Yuryevich

Shevkunenko Sergey Yuryevich - (20 November 1959, Moscow - February 11, 1995, Moscow) - Soviet actor.

I watched the movie Kortik(Dirk)with him.Interesting and famous in USSR film.Until yesterday I did not know the fate of the actor.

The movie was released in 1973.

In 1975, after his next fight is sent to special school.

In March 1976 he was again involved in the fight and this time sentenced to year in prison. In conclusion, it receives secondary education and entering the freedom illuminator arranged to «Mosfilm».

In 1978 Sergey gets four years imprisonment for theft, shall be exempt in 1981, the maternal protection passed again to work on «Mosfilm» illuminator.

In 1982, arrested again for burglary and drug possession, was sentenced to 4.5 years. For refusing to cooperate with the administration and an attempt to escape the sentence extended for another 1.5 years.

In 1988 was released from prison disabled the 2nd group (open form of tuberculosis), goes to stay with relatives in Smolensk(Russia).

In 1989 he married, then get a new deadline - one year for possession of weapons. After his release again arrest and three years imprisonment for possession of stolen icons.

After his release in 1994 continued criminal activity, creating a criminal group.In this time in the criminal hierarchy former actor has reached a level «polozhenets», which is preceded by the highest title «vor v zakone».

Once to the prison came a vor v zakone. Sergey has sent a letter to freedom about this vor.Came the answer that the passenger is not a vor,he is just shnyr(One of the lowest level of the prison's hierarchy).After this case the avtoritet of Sergey grew up.

11 February 1995 killed in his apartment on the street Pudovkin, along with his mother. The crime was not disclosed. Buried in Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

February 11, 1995 at about 22.30 Chief(Chef,Actor,his crime nicknames)arrived to his house number 3 on the street Pudovkin. Release the security and went into the porch.

... The first bullet hit Shevkunenko in the stomach. Second - to close the door of the elevator.

According to neighbors, they heard scream: «Stop, padla(some like bitch)! Anyway will kill! »Chef could be saved, if not fatal mistake. When Sergey ran into the apartment, he forgot to remove the keys.The murderer has begun to open the door.At the noise ran from a bedroom 76-year-old Polina Vasilyevna(Mother of Sergey).She immediately realized what was happening and tried to prevent the offender to enter the apartment.But the forces were not equal.The murderer shot twice.Polina Vasilyevna bullets hit in the head.She died instantly.Seeing the death of the mother, Shevkunenko cried for the whole house: «What are you doing, bitch! What do you do ... »But help was nowhere to wait. Chef finished three shots to the head.Thus ended the life of a person, once given great artistic hopes.


With his mother


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoos

Fourth finger on left hand is like BARS.
Middle finger on right hand Was in ZONA.Zona is place where are prisoners after court,before of court called prison.
Fourth finger is conviction.
Little finger is hooliganism.
Signet-ring of conviction is not conviction it's otritsala.
In russian blog saying that dollar is second conviction.

Monday, June 15, 2009

S-hodka of vor v zakone

S-hodka is meeting for address issues.Here are 37 vor v zakone:36 caucasians and 1 slavonian from Belorussia.

Criminal Russia

Devil tattoo on woman ass...

Devil tattoo on woman ass :)

Devil tattoo on woman ass :)


russian criminal tattoo

I think it's mean robbery.
p.s:on shoulder parrot.

Yesterday on russian blog I posted a lot of photos with swastika and than I said that tattoos are Russian nacional.Increible but is truth.Russian criminal tattoo are Russian nationals tattoo.And for make nacional tattoo must be condemned!It's Russia!

Yesterday came information about bat.Bat mean night thief.