Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Thank yous

It's the last day of 2010 and we've had quite a year.
Anyone who knows us, or follows our blogs, knows that 2010 was the year that we moved to our new home in Schleppegrellsgade. And although the decision to move to this particular location looked like a terrible idea at first, it actually turned out to be a good one in the end.
We love our new home and couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
But that doesn't mean that it didn't nearly kill at times. It's been a rough path, getting to where we are now, and not just for us.
Without the help and support of our team of carpenters and painters, the shop simply wouldn't have happened. There was only so much we could do ourselves, so if they hadn't decided to go all-in with us, we wouldn't have made it, and the shop wouldn't be the magical place it is today; a place we actually look forward to going to every day.
They basically worked two jobs for months and got even less sleep during that period than we did, and trust me, that wasn't much. Some day oil paintings of their handsome faces will grace the walls of Conspiracy Inc. Or we'll write a nice song about them or something, but for now they just get a blog post dedicated to them.

Our friends and family have also been a huge support throughout the year. Whether they helped us paint our new walls, loaned us money when our most valuable equipment broke down, gave us crap to put in our empty new shop, or loaned us their car so we could go to a million flea markets, it would have been hard to get to where we are now without them.

I know this is turning into a lame blog version of the Queens new years speech, and that really wasn't where i was going with this, but i have to give one last thank you. To our clients.
In the beginning, around March when we first moved, there was no furniture for them to sit on, no real entrance, and in some rooms, no floor. In the winter time there was (or is) very little heating and some days they'd be lying almost naked in a freezing room for hours and hours, and afterwards they'd give us money.
They keep coming up with awesome ideas for the guys to tattoo, and rarely complain when they get something completely different from what they initially asked for. And sometimes they bring us cake too.
Thanks guys, i hope you know that we appreciate the crap out of you!

Last tattoo of 2010; Jon's death metal swallow

We hope you all have a super happy new year, wherever your are, and we hope to see you at the shop or around the globe in 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Got to hand it to you.

I don't do hands too much anymore. It's not that people aren't asking, it's just I'm having a hard time justifying people with no, or very little tattoos getting very visible ones. I'm not here to judge if people are ready for that, I can only warn them or straight refuse. That's all I can do. I know society is changing, it's just a big decision. Think about it.

That has nothing to do with this tattoo. Just a mini-rant.

This person was finishing a solid sleeve. That makes sense. He's also a Tattoo Artist.
In a few days we are going to add more blue to the right.

Average Tuesday.

Here's what this Tuesday looked like here at Tattoo Union.

Cohen outlined an arm all day.

You can see more of his work on his website:


And this is the piece I was working on. (2nd session)

Just another average Tuesday.

Perfect work!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not this shit again...

Four weeks. We had out perfect, awesome, beloved kitchen back for four weeks, and now the ceiling is leaking again.
I don't know what kind of retard they got to "fix" the leak, but obviously he didn't do a very good job.
We got people on it already, and luckily it doesn't seem to be dripping constantly, but holy shit was it depressing getting back to work today.
Oh, and Allan had a no-show too.
And it's not even Monday!

Bye bye, perfect white ceiling, it was nice knowing you

I'll be back in a few days with a post that's less of a downer. Maybe i'll even post some tattoo pictures, who knows!?

Friday, December 24, 2010

More photos from The Goods Artshow.

The show is up until January 15th, so you might as well go and check it out in person! We all worked hard on the art, there are prints still available for some, and there is plenty of original art as well. After Christmas, if you find yourself with extra money from Santa, go get something that lasts longer than a hangover. Here's a couple of closer shots.

Eben Bender

Ronan Boyle


Print wall

There's plenty of other great art, I just didn't have time to get them all, so be sure to go check it out in person. This show ends mid-January.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guns & ammo

Sunday we had our (first) annual Conspiracy Christmas party.
Or Christmas hangout you might call it, since four people in a kitchen does not a party make... but close enough!
Nick and me made some pretty amazing food while Allan tattooed Martin. Our friend Suzy came by, with Lucifer's best friend Palma, to sew some doggie clothes and i made Christmas presents.
After dinner we listened to jazz and then converted the basement into a shooting range.
That's just how we roll.

Our BFF came by to get his Christmas present (a portrait of his mom)
The Conspiracy library is both educational and entertaining
The tards getting ready for dinner
Beuf Veganoff (Get it? We thought it was hilarious!)
Presents for some, post-it's for others (what? I've been busy and i totally am gonna get them stuff, so back off!)
This is what "WTF?!" looks like
Don't worry, it's not real, we ain't THAT crazy*
One of the perks of having a tattoo shop; easy access to script books and stencil paper
Allans pile
Ready to settle it with the Canadians once and for all?
Lucifer wasn't a fan, but the rest of us had a great time!
The next day, me and the ninja went downstairs again to kill something
Only this time it wasn't innocent plastic bottles, but a terrible beast (possibly from outer space) we had to deal with

We're only gonna be at the shop some days during Christmas, so if you really need to get in touch, don't call or drop by, just send us an email.
But if there's any chance it can wait, please wait to contact us until after new years.

Happy holidays, everyone!

*If anyone should be interested in an explanation, and i'm sure that some of you are; Nick decided to get rid of some of his most priced possessions since he's moving to Hong Kong where everything is dirt cheap, and that's why Eckel is now the lucky owner of a bb gun!

Monday, December 20, 2010



Dum spiro, spero translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

*insert sound of crickets and tumbleweed*

Uhm, so, it's been a while, huh (*stares awkwardly at feet*)... anyone still here?
Lots have happened since we got back from Japan, but the truth is, i've been too busy to blog about it. Sorry about that.
Everyone at the shop is super busy these days, and the upcoming holidays isn't making it any better. But we're good, we're enjoying hanging out again, and returning to Denmark wasn't nearly as bad as i'd feared.
I think one of the main reasons we're actually enjoying being back, is the fact that we finally got our kitchen back.
Yeah, that's right, the water damage, and the mayhem that followed, has been fixed. And it only took them 7 months too!
There are still a ton of things that need fixing, like our heating for example, but there'll always be stuff like that, and for now i am just happy that my favorite room in the shop is back.

Christmas hygge in the front room
We were gonna go to the Swedish embassy today and get a rug to really tie the room together, but Allan is afraid to drive in this weather, so that's gonna have to wait (can't blame him, everything is covered in snow right now)
Present from a Russian client
A pretty bad picture of a pretty great room
What this kitchen really needs is more food related art work (hint hint, guys)
Apparently this is called a colander in English? Blogging is constantly teaching me something new!
Eckel put the photos back up on the photo wall while we were away... that could not have been easy!

Allan has been tattooing pretty much non-stop since we came back, but i haven't even really had time to beg him for blog photos.
But last night I did manage to snap a few pictures of this black and gray beauty he started last week, and continued on yesterday (that's why the angel is still a little scabby looking).

One more session and some touch up and this should be done
As you can see, Rasmus is now the proud (i assume) owner of two rare b&g Uncle Allan tattoos!

I promise (sort of) to post a little more regularly... or at least more than once a month, as soon as things start to slow down.
In the meantime, i suggest you go check out this sweet feature Marisa did about our beloved shop over on Needles and Sins.
And while you're there, do yourself a favor and browse the archives too, i guarantee you'll love it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Another murder of businessman in Moscow

Today, near his office, was killed the owner of a construction firm, "Athena system. Murder may be related to its commercial activities. Businessman was shot in the head.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Goods first art show!

Our friends at The Goods let us take over the walls for a month, and it kicked off on Friday with the opening. Fun was had by all, and the beer was gone before 1 am! The place was packed! If you saw something you liked, or haven't been by yet to see it, do because it's only up for a while, and these artists really brought some good stuff to the table. There is a full range of pricing, depending on what you are looking for. I'll post some pictures of the art as soon as i find some!

Here's a sample of what I am working on for the show.

Murder of businessman in Moscow

December 10, 2010 in Moscow in car Infiniti was found with a gunshot wound to the head dead businessman. Owner of car was 61-year-old Ara Khachatryan.

Businessman have alcohol business and he was general director of company "Luding-SPB ".




Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next exhibition: Ango The Meek Dead

This Friday, December 17th, we are proud to present you Ango's "sex date turned into a massive bloodbrawl"!