Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glorious revolution

So, it looks like we're finally getting to the fun part of opening a new shop (decorating, finishing touches) and now, of course, we have to leave it.

Not that we don't wanna go to Japan, we always do, it's just that the timing is a little off this time.
Fun stuff aside, we have unfinished business with our previous landlords, autoclave repairs, bills bills bills...
Actually, you know what, maybe the timing is just right!
The shop will still be here in May and decorating will be just as fun in a month as it is now.

We are finally using the real entrance!
Last night we took apart the couch and assembled it again in it's new, permanent spot
Our fancy new GLORIOUS wallpaper... and a birdcage

Oh, it's gonna be so magical and we can't wait to show y'all, but wait we must.

Tattoo Fairy III

Fairy Tattoo
Fairy Tattoo

Friday, March 26, 2010

I live a sin, will die funny


This is aphorism, translated some like I live a sin, will die funny.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sanna actually had a bonus session last week and i completely forgot to take any pictures.
And i was doing so well on this progress project too.
Oh well, at least we all remembered this time.
And guess what, next session might be the last!

Only the kimono pattern to go...

Such a trooper, that girl!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More originals

Allan is selling some of his original art work, go to his blog to see which ones!

More Dettmer action

Alright, here are the pictures, as promised, of the tattoos Chriss did in the few days he was working at the shop.
Besides this one of course.

Laurits got a cup of coffee.... from hell!
Björn got himself a discreet little chestpiece
Sofie got a Dettmer-esque BirdSnakeSkullCreature
Rud got this very classy gentleman
And yours truly was lucky enough to get herself a thistle!

How about that?
Not bad for a extended weekend guest spot if you ask me.

Ps. I couldn't help but notice that we've had just a few more hits than usual these past couple of days, so instead of lurking anonymously, how about becoming a regular follower of this blog?
And maybe even dropping us a comment to say hi?
No pressure, but if you do, we promise we won't bite!

What's on April 2010

Lea Nahon


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh dear...

Sunday was a very silly day at the shop.
Silly because we were even there on our day off, and silly because the guys decided to tattoo each other.
Not just any tattoos, super realistic portraits.
Yup, just you wait and see.

But first, here's Lucifer, probably the smartest guy at Conspiracy Inc. that day
I was a little sick, so i took a nap while Eckel tattooed Chriss
This is the result of tattoo number 1: sad, crying emo Allan!
Then Allan tattooed Eckel...
Tattoo number 2: Antler Chriss (or is that Antler Jebus? It's hard to tell...)
Double antler awesomeness!
I got tattooed by Chriss as well, not a portrait though!
Last not-so-happy customer of the day: Allan
Tattoo number 3: Eckel puking upside down crosses... obviously!

Chriss went home today and we totally miss him already.
He's an awesome guy (and a good house guest) and having him as our first guest artist at the shop since we moved was just perfect.
I'll post pictures of the tattoos he did while he was here as soon as Allan transfers them to his computer, so that's something to look forward to!

This is what happens when you let Chriss work at your station...*

*Yes, that really is Eckel!


Realistic & direct. If you tattoo, read this. Not putting anyone down, just being realistic.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rose and knife tattoo


Tattoo rose and knife is Blood for treason. Coils of barbed wire can mean the number of years

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The bear and the egg man

I wasn't really gonna blog here until i had some news on the never ending front room, but since it looks like it'll be a few more days (or weeks, who the fuck knows at this point?) i changed my mind.
So here are some tattoos, before people start to forget about those.

Mathilda is looking relieved and relaxed after a short, but painful, session
And what did she get? A bear, of course!
How cute is this guy!?
And here's what Allan did today, a new (but not quite finished) addition to Björn from Germany's sleeve

Oh, there was one little front room update that i almost forgot about: hidden treasures under the very old wallpaper!
Gotta love those.

Who you gonna call? The Egg man!*

*No, really, this is the phone number for the egg man, whoever he was... the four digits prove that this was written some time ago.



just to make it clear like ABC that the legendary french shop TRIBAL ACT in Paris and AKA berlin are "in a relationship" ehe.
So we are working closely in showin tattoo artist. Means that you ll find mostly the same artist in both studio.
So feel free to clic clic clic those link, for more good good good things


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lima is a rad city. Peru is a real gem. It is full of unexpected surprises!! We were scheduled to do a seminar at the convention put on by Ramon. There are 2 conventions that happen there, one is put on by Ramon and the other by Miguel... We prefer Ramon's convention. It is bi annual and very professional.

We usually arrive at least a day prior to the event so we can iron out any kinks before we do the seminar, wether we need to buy tools, supplies, copy participation certificates or whatever it may be. On our way to do our shopping routine, we walked past a music store, saw some stuff we wanted to check out. While we were there, a guy came up to us, he said he recognized us from Thrasher Magazine from 1990!! He was an ex-sponsored skater named Juani Masias... we made friends and set up a time to surf in the morning. Morning came too soon, but we were excited to surf Peruvian waves!!! He picked us up and we were off...

Peruvian Surf Vehicle

We drove south down the coast passing old parts of the city which were once trendy and have lost their modern appeal. These places were full classic architecture, and very colorful. You would expect this country to be warm all year round but that is not the case! Remember, when you move further from the equator, in either direction, you start to have seasons. These seasons on opposite ends of the globe, are opposite from each other. For instance, when it's winter in Canada, it's summer in Argentina. Same as Peru. We were there in their fall... the water was cold, in this photo, you can see the greyness... look at Steve freezing his ass off...

Behind Steve is where we surfed. The beach was called Caballeros... it breaks into a cove, there are rights and lefts. This day, there were waves, it was 6-8 feet on the face. If you look to the left in the photo, around the middle of the picture, you will see some waves breaking WAY outside... this peak is called "Pico Alto". This is a HUGE wave.. it breaks way out and you have to be towed into it in order to get on. You wouldn't have the strength to paddle onto it on your own. In this photo, we're facing the ocean, what do you think is behind us when you're looking toward the ocean? Topical Greenery? Palms? NOPE!!!

Sand dunes and more sand dunes. Those are all little ghetto houses on the side of the dune. As desolate as it looks, it has a real cool personality. The waves were clean and good... strong and relatively uncrowded. It was a good time. Our friend Juani, shaped one of the boards we took out. Totally functional but visually unconventional. We came in and got some food at the restaurant/surf shop there before we headed back to the city.

Art and Juani eating chips and talking shit.

The way back was interesting too!! We were re routed to different roads due to a potential riot about to happen. There were cops in riot gear, shields and helmets... people on the other side of the street ready to go. Not sure what it was about, but after many travels in South America, we could guess that it may have something to do with the government f*cking their people over in some way.

How many of you readers have eaten ceviche? It's a raw fish prepared in lime juice. The lime juice "cooks" the fish. Peru is well known for that dish, as well as a juice made out of corn! This was on the menu for us that night. The traditional Peruvian foods we ate were great. There was one in particular which was NOT so hot... anticuchos... cow heart. Not so good.

The tattoo convention was great, it was packed. In our seminar, we met several artists from different countries, the most standout ones were the Naranjo Brothers. They are from Ecuador, Quito to be exact. The shop they own is called House of Style. They are unreal artists... both of them. Mauro is the older brother, he is a machine builder as well. His creations are original and very well tuned. It shows in the tattoos he does... we met other brothers there who bought machines from us. In the photo below, they teamed up on a back piece. They finished this in 5 hours. The client sat like a champion!

All that red is NOT blood!!!

The convention was a success for us and even if it wasn't monetarily profitable, just being there is worth every penny you spent. The culture is rad, the people are cool, the scenery is unbelievable, the waves were quality, the food delicious... can't wait to go again!

Gotch Harizanmai AKA the japanese excellence

In April, AKA is proud to welcome gotch harizanmai, if you haven t already heard about him (???), just check that link
Of course really famous for his "shunga" illustration, AKA also loves his old school japanese unique style.

his facebook: