Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joey Ortega at Conspiracy Inc.

So, it's been a little longer than planned since i've posted anything on this here blog, but at least i'm back with some exciting news!
Joy Ortega from Triple Crown Tattoo in Austin, Texas is coming to Denmark and  will be doing a guest spot with us from May 24th to 27th.
During those days he'll be getting tattooed himself, so appointments are obviously limited.
If you'd like to book with him, here's how to do it: send him an email with your ideas for the design and placement. The email address to write to is and remember that it must be custom, as always, and unless you're planning a trip to Texas real soon, it must be something that can be finished in one session.
After you get an appointment, you must contact me at to set up a date where you can drop by the shop with a deposit.
To see more of Joey's work, check out his website and facebook.
Any questions? Leave us a comment!

DK: Fra den 24. til den 27. maj kommer Joey Ortega fra Triple Crown Tattoo i Austin, Texas og arbejder i butikken. Han skal selv tatoveres mens han er her, så det er begrænset hvor mange kunder han har tid til.
Hvis du kunne tænke dig at blive tatoveret af ham skal du sende en mail med dine idéer til design og placering til Som sædvanligt her i butikken tilbyder vi kun custom tatoveringer, og husk også på at tatoveringen skal kunne laves færdig på en session, med mindre du snart skal en tur til Texas.
Når du har fået en tid af Joey skal du sende mig en mail på så vi kan aftale en dag hvor du kan komme forbi butikken med dit depositum.
Vær venlig kun at kontakte Joey hvis du er 100% sikker på at du vil tatoveres af ham, og du har tænkt dig at overholde din aftale. Da hans guest spot er så kort som det er, vil det være et stort problem for ham og os, for ikke at tale om at det ville være synd for folk der måske gerne ville tatoveres men ikke kunne få en tid, hvis der er nogen der booker en tid bare for at aflyse i sidste øjeblik, så kun seriøse henvendelser, tak.
Se flere eksempler på joey's arbejde på hans hjemmeside og facebook.
Spørgsmål? Læg en kommentar her eller send os en mail!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

LHVS tattoo

LHVS - Legavim Huy Voram Soboda - To trashcops the dick, to thieves freedom.

Another meaning of LHVS it's just joke - Lublu Halvu Varenie Sahar - I like halva, marmalade, sugar.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

For bratishka

Nice drawing, what mean rat and hammer i don't know. Here
another drawing.

PS: bratishka from word brat. Brat is brother.

Dance with me (eros and thanatos)

Here is a preview about a new durational performance from our two AKA artist Kiril Bikov and Jon John:

Bird tattoos (and a tiny little rant)

Man, it feels so weird to be in Copenhagen and not at work 24-7.
And by weird i mean fantastic!

Eckel is still in Thailand and Allan doesn't have to tattoo until next week, so we only go to the shop once in a while to hang out and ship out prints.
More about them later, since there may be a deadline coming up.
Anyway, i had some pictures uploaded from weeks ago that i just forgot to publish.
So here, surprise, tattoo pictures!

Here's Martin, a shop regular, who on this day forgot his comfy pants and had to wear, uhm, alternative leg-wear!
Fancy gentleman by Eckel
Me taking a picture of Eckel taking a picture of the fancy gentleman!
A good old Danish "skarv" by Eckel (that's a cover-up, by the way)
Peacock by Uncle Allan, started years ago and finished in March

As you can see, i've started watermarking our pictures again.
I'm getting so sick of seeing the guys' work floating around the internet, on various tumblr's in particular, uncredited.
There are too many people reblogging this shit to begin with, and mindless reposting of other peoples work is annoying in itself, but when they start to remove links and credit, well, that's when i get mad.
If you see any examples of this, please feel free to snitch and let me know so i can have them removed.
And if you, or someone you know, wishes to use our pictures, all you have to do is ask and make sure the image links back to this blog.
Easy as that.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soft serve

Our friend Ai, who is a wonderful blogger and photographer, is selling a few of her photos in support of Red Cross' relief work in Japan.
We ordered one, and it arrived at the shop yesterday when we were busy shipping our own prints to support the same cause.
Her photos, and others, are for sale here, so go check them out.
Prices are reasonable, quality is high, they are well packed, and you can even choose between two sizes.

Ours is the 8"x12" print in Lustre... so delicious and it fits our photo wall so well!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Worth the wait

One of our clients, Innina from Switzerland, did a lovely post on her blog about her and her husbands recent visit to our studio where they got their long-awaited tattoos done.
Such nice pictures!

This is her tattoo

The Red Cross print is selling really well, and i'll be shipping out the first batch tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone who bought one, retweeted for us, mentioned us on their blog and facebook or told their friends about us.
We really appreciate your support and we can't wait to send the money from the sales to Japan.