Monday, November 30, 2009

Russian criminal tattoo

We're back

Sorry for the lack of action on this blog while we were in Japan.
I hope you've checked mine and Allan's personal blogs from time to time, at least they've been sort of active.

Today is the 30th and for some that means time to send your in submissions for some sweet, future Uncle A tattoos.
I just wanted to let you know that it's gonna be a little while before you'll get a reply to those mails.
I'm just gonna collect them all this week, and then get out the calendar and try to fit everybody in.
After that, i'll get back to you, so please don't mail me more than once.

Unfortunately, i can already tell that there won't be time for everyone this time around.
This is not because i don't want to give you all appointments (there's nothing i'd rather do) or because Allan doesn't want to tattoo you (if i didn't occasionally stop him, he'd tattoo all the friggin time).
It's simply because there's not enough time.
We're already booked for a really long time and we don't want to be booked so far into the future that it won't be possible for us to take a trip somewhere, or a day off once in a while, so we're gonna try to fit in as many as possible, and the rest will have to get back to us when we take new clients again.
The selection process is not gonna be first come, first served, so you still have all week to write me.
Ok, i think that's it!
If you don't get an appointment this time around, don't be discouraged, we'll open up for new clients again in a couple of months.

Oh, also, i'm starting to get a few Milan mails already too.
If we do Milan in February, it'll be the same deal as last year: walk ins only, and you'll be able to chose from a bunch of line drawings that'll only be tattooed once.
Kind of a custom flash type deal!
We don't take request for the flash, Allan is gonna do whatever he feels like, and if you like it, come by the booth and get it tattooed.
All be designs will be made to take around three hours and as usual he's not tattooing any weird or awkward spots.

Ok, now that's really it!
I'm actually super sick and the only known cure to this type of food poisoning* is Star Trek and Lucifer snuggles.

Just because no one likes a post with no pictures, here's one of us at Inkrat with our American buddies, Hata and Allans Singapore clients

*Damn you sushi, i have your image tattooed on my arm and this is how you repay me?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

russian mafia tattoo

It's possibly tattoo Girl with demon,which means "Love and hatred (good and bad) is always near" or "Woman pushed to commit a crime".

Friday, November 27, 2009

New shots in Russia

Morning, Nov. 25, was killed in the garage director of Spetsremontstroy company Alexander Evtyuhov. Before the assassination he took 2 credits to 16 million rubles every which way and not returned.



November 23 in the Kaluga region was shot by the vice-governor of Sakhalin, Sergei Osipov.

Before that, businessman was killed another businessman.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JEF aka "The King Of Pixels"

AKA is proud to welcome Jef as the next guest tattoo artist.
Now that he has set up the pixel as the new trend in tattoo, Jef is focusing on visual ideas which are now calling photo montage / collage to mind. He will be tattooing at AKA this December.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manacles tattoo

One manacle 5 years of prison.

Kimono pattern awesomeness

Allan had two sessions on his back this weekend, both around six hours.
More pictures here.

By Shige at Yellow Blaze in Yokohama

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hand made


This tattoo made without tattoo machine.Only hand and needle.

Deo Vindice Tattoo

Deo Vindice Tattoo

Deo Vindice Tattoo

Light as a feather

Allan did two of these little foot feathers (slightly different from each other, but i figured one photo was enough) AND that giant cover up on Wednesday.
He sure is busy here.
Tomorrow; Yokohama!

Ellie's first tattoo (or is this the second feather?)

Thursday, November 12, 2009



I don't know how translate this.
We are proud to welcome Madame Chän as our first guest Tattoo Artist. She is precisely the type of artist we want to promote here at AKA: unconventional and multidisciplinary (silkscreen, mixed media, visual art).
AKA loves Chän!

"The world is a sick and depraved place and as we hustle our charms on the sidewalks of life, someone’s got to watch our backs, write down the plates of the car we get in to, and give us the occasional well-deserved slap round the head when the envelope’s a little thin at the end of the day. In a predominantly phallocentric environment, only a woman could properly evaluate how much our hairy money-makers are actually worth. She screens the candidates, evaluates the merchandise and determines the market price. Her callous assessment will determine if you build your career on your knees, gratifying clients in a back alley with 3-for-the-price-of-2 deals, or in the spotlight, gyrating round a pole, satisfied customers slipping bills in your string. She’ll make you or break you, and you’ll love her or hate her; but don’t be fooled by the Betty Page facade, cause she’s all Weimar-at-heart: a woman who loves men, who could have been a man who loves men, singing lewd songs at the Kit Kat Klub, or pumping stencils through the threads of a mesh with the help of a squeegee, onto paper, textile or flesh.

We call her Madame Chän."

Fred Aerden.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back in Koenji

So, now we're in Tokyo, Japan.
Me and Allan, that is, we left Nick, Eckel and Lucifer at home.
We arrived on saturday and today is... i don't even know, wednesday maybe?
Whatever day it is, it's damn good to be home!

Allan has been working a lot, there are pictures up on his blog already.
Besides that we're just hanging out with our Japanese/American posse.
This weekend Allan is gonna get some work done on his backpiece and the weekend after that we'll go to a mini convention in Osaka.
Oh, and we're going to a j-pop concert too, so awesome!

Today at Inkrat
Gui is getting some flames covered

Later tonight, Okonomiyaki at one of our favorite restaurants, yum!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tomb of vor v zakone Skif

Photo of Tombs of vor v zakone Andrey Golubev Skif who was killed in Moscow in May.

Skif vor v zakone mogila

Andrey Golubev

Andrey Golubev

Funeral of Skif

Thursday, November 5, 2009


stars tatoo

Help? Anyone?

Since we'll soon be getting a lot more room (*insert excited squeal here*) we can finally get into doing some of the things that we've talked about doing for years, but never had the room for.
Like printing our own t-shirts and stuff like that!
But i know nothing about these things, so i thought i'd ask your advice, oh wise blog readers.

There's a ton of different screen printing stuff on ebay, everything from the very hobby-like to the very pro looking stuff and i'm... well, i'm confused.

All advice is welcome, comment away!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Finally we have a decent picture of Sanna's backpiece!
Allan remembered to bring the good camera today, so hopefully this marks the end of the "shots-from-Amalie's-iphone" era.
Today they did a lot of green and a whole lotta pink.

Looking good, huh?
Even the rinse cup was a somewhat murky, but happy pink

We leave for Japan on friday, so if the next couple of weeks are a bit quiet, that's the reason.
I'll try to post some tattoo pictures while we're there, but i never know what the internet situation is like in our apartment.
We will also try to post regularly on our personal blogs, so keep checking in.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New contract killing in Moscow

Russian-Israeli businessman Shabtai von Kalmanovich was shot dead in central Moscow on Monday, bringing an end to a colorful life that had seen a flirtation with showbiz and a conviction for spying.

Unidentified assailants armed with a 9mm automatic and a pump-action shotgun opened fire at fifty-nine-year-old Kalmanovich as he sat in his black Mercedes S500 on Moscow's Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment at about 4:50 p.m. Moscow time (1:50 GMT).

Kalmanovich died instantly and his driver, who initially tried to give chase, was forced to pull over outside the capital's 16th century Novodevichy Convent due to serious injuries.

Investigators have said the attack bears all the hallmarks of a contract killing. They have also not ruled out that the murder was linked to Kalmanovich's business activities.

Born in 1949 in Soviet Lithuania, Kalmanovich left the U.S.S.R. with his family for Israel in 1972, where he graduated from Jerusalem University. In 1988, he was sentenced to nine years in jail for spying for the Soviet Union, but released in 1993.

He then left Israel and returned to Moscow, quickly finding his way in the chaotic dawn of post-Soviet capitalism. One of his business partners in the 1990s was reported to be Iosif Kobzon, the wildly popular Soviet-era singer and member of Russia's lower house of parliament. In 1995, Kobzon was refused entry to the U.S. due to concerns over alleged mafia links.

Kalmanovich, who denied in a 2008 Los Angeles Times interview links to the diamond industry, was also involved in organizing Moscow concerts by Michael Jackson, Tom Jones,Liza Minnelli and Jose Carreras. Media reports even alleged a romantic involvement with Minnelli.

In the years before his death he had pumped large amounts of money into the Spartak - Moscow Region women's basketball team, playing U.S. sportswomen high wages to attract them to Russia. His policy paid off, and the club has been the Women's European League Champion for the last three years. Two weeks ago the club won the European Super Cup after beating Euro Cup Champions Galatasaray.