Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boy v zakone

Хотите себе модную футболку? Тогда заходите к нам в онлайн магазин, у нас можно недорого купить прикольную футболку. Куча дизайнов, качественный материал.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Is a product really successful if it's "readily available" to the public? REALLY? If you can supply it to anybody who wants it, does it really fit the definition of successful? Maybe if the product is looked at as just that, a product... a product like toilet paper, like a bic lighter... when we're talking about tattoo machines what are we really talking about? We're talking about a tool, and everything involved in the use of the tool. Safety, reliability, easy operation and functionality. Thanks to Brett Fischer for reaffirming this view! And it's true!! IT IS A TOOL!

When WE think about the tattoo machine as a tool which we sell, we as builders / inventors and artists of 26 1/2 years, go a step further (and we should all go a step further) and think about these things, IN OUR DEFINITION OF THEM -

SAFETY - (putting the machine in the right tattooist's hands, selling to suppliers who are like minded - suppliers who do not take returned (used) machines and re sell them covered in bio hazard, suppliers who understand function and what the tattoo artist/client needs in a machine, and what the tattoo client needs in the healing process of his artistically perfect tattoo.

RELIABILITY - a machine which is tuned and ready to handle any technique, a machine which is guaranteed against defects and will be repaired if there is a manufacturing defetct, a machine manufactured from the highest quality materials using only the most functionally optimal wire gauges, steel, spring gauges, screw materials, frame specs...

EASY OPERATION / FUNCTIONALITY - a pre-tuned machine, designed, built and tuned by artist who understand the function necessary to accomplish all techniques - fine line, black and grey, fat lines, solid color... all of it.

This does not only benefit the artist who uses the machine it benefits the client as well and in the end, it's the client who keeps you in business.

The 2 Evolve 2E machine made by Godoy Machines for Brett Fischer & his excellent reputable and ethically conscious tattoo supply company.

How can the artists out there NOT question the credentials and motivations of the supplier, the builder, the Chinese manufacturer... look at business ethics and then ask yourself. WHAT ARE MY BEST INTERESTS? Does the supplier have MY best interests in mind? and that of my clients? Does he care if I do good tattoos or not? Does he care if he sells me a machine that's not tuned? Does he care if I scar my client's skin by using a machine which can only hit hard?

The Godoy Machines B1 machine... patent number 3.

When we started, tattoo supplying was not a multi-million dollar business, unless you were Spaulding and Rogers. NOW, there are tons of people putting their non tattooed hands in our pie and milking it for every penny they can get their hands on and as much as we'd like to retire on some island driving BMW's, we can't compromise our morals and ethics.

We innovate and protect our innovations. To us, tattoo machines are our passion. We didn't invest our hard earned money to just let these elite and prized machines fly out the door like quarter pounders! We experiment, innovate, educate and give back to the industry. We take only what it lets us have.

We are selective on who we sell to. We have strict guidelines on who qualifies to sell GODOY MACHINES because we have built our company on integrity.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tattoo Angel - Devil

Tatoo Angel - Devil

Tatoo Angel - Devil

EP in DK

I know this blog has more guest artist posts than resident artist posts these days... and it's gonna stay that way, at least for now!
Because we have more exciting guest news!
Or, "guest" is such a weird word to use about our bro, our BFF, our favorite human, our man in Asia...
Yes, Nick, or Electric Pick, as the world has come to know him as, is coming to work at the shop, and soon too!
He'll be working here from the 2nd till the 31st of January 2012.
Regular clients with unfinished pieces in progress will obviously get booked in first, but he'll be booking new clients in for one shots as well (think pieces that can be finished in 8 hours max).
As always, you can write to him at and he'll get back to you in a timely fashion (totally just kidding about that last part, but he will get back to you eventually!)

Here's some example of recent work, to see older pieces click here or use the labels to your right.


Friday, September 16, 2011



I think tattoos owner was convicted of kidnapping or something like that. Very good made girl.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From visitors

Hello, fancy lady

A quick and slightly blurry update on Joseph's fancy backpiece.
Obviously he has a few more sessions to go, but it's definitely starting to look like something!

I can't wait till this is finished, and i'm sure Joseph can't either!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ryan Mason guest spot, pretty much booked already

As readers who check every aspect of this blog often (including the tabs below the header) will have already noticed, we have another guest artist coming in September.
I know, it's crazy around here these days, it's almost like we're a real shop or something!
Anyway, Ryan Mason will be coming to visit after the London convention, and he finally got around to sending me some pictures for the blog (ahem).
He's already booked for the 27th, 29th and 30th of September (again with the attentive readers!), but if you wanna get tattooed on the 28th, there's still time.
Send an email to, and remember, fun custom stuff only!

Here's some recent work, click here to see more.