Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Javier Campos tattoo machine is available now.

This Peruvian artist is known for his incredible realistic color portraits as well as his black n grey work. To do this type of work, not only do you need artistic skill, an excellent machine helps too. This is a steel base with a small stainless upright support. No waste of space, all components fir perfectly into the housing frame base. These run so smoooth, so precise solid and are very sensitive. It comes loaded with our Godoy Machines round coil.

We have also just released the Scrappy Uno model machine. Mexico's finest portrait artist. His portraits have won him award after award. On an international level Scrappy is at the top. This machine is loaded with our Godoy Square coils model II, a sensitive and highly reactive coil mounted on our new screw tight tube vice steel base. Another priceless piece of machinery.

These are the BMW's of tattoo machines.

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