Sunday, May 15, 2011

The buy of the century (probably)

Buying a grill for the shop is something we've been talking about doing ever since it started to get warmer in Copenhagen, and on Friday we finally bought one.
Me and Eckel went to the hardware paradise known as Silvan to look at the selection, and found the Dancook 7400 to be both reasonably priced and sized.

This is one of the (many) test pictures we sent to Allan

And here's our fancy new purchase

I may have also bought this giant toolbox that fits almost all of our tools (and a ton of stuff for the garden)
The weather wasn't all that great, so we ate in the kitchen, but it was awesome and delicious nonetheless!
(Sorry for the crappy picture!)

Shop barbecues are so my new favorite thing, and i hope we'll be able to do this all week until it's freezing outside again!

Ps. Don't forget we have a guest artist coming soon, click here to read more about him and see some of his work!

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