Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eckel is leaving... it must be Thursday!

That was a Buffy reference there, in case you're less nerdy than us... which, let's face it, you probably are!
Anyway, Eckel finally decided to go public with his news of moving (again), so now i can post it here too.
If you're a Danish client who needs to finish a tattoo, you should get in touch with Eckel right away, and if you're not a regular of his, but just someone hoping to get tattooed by him, all you can do at this time is to keep an eye on his blog for future dates and booking info.

"i will leave denmark for good in may, therefore i wont take on new clients.
people with ongoing projects should get in contact with me as soon as possible.i will hopefully come back once in a while to keep in touch with allan and amalie(and lucifer,of course!)so in case stuff needs some finishing,there will be another chance later on.

i will announce me next destination on here in a few months,,but i have a long summer travelling ahead,and that will give me time to figure out where to go.

thanks to everybody who made my time in denmark a life changing are the best."

Og så den danske: Eckel flytter fra Danmark, så dette er din sidste chance i denne omgang hvis du er ved at få lavet noget af ham, som du gerne vil have færdigt inden han rejser i maj.
Hvis du ikke er kunde, men bare havde håbet på at blive det i den nærmeste fremtid, må du væbne dig med tålmodighed, og tjekke hans blog for opdateringer.
Han vil selvfølgelig komme tilbage til København og besøge os engang i fremtiden.

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