Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi Fish (2)

"The legend records that on the third moon of each year, the Koi that had successfully made the journey to Dragons Gate, had their heads burned off by lightning as they leaped over the rapids, the Kois head was replaced by that of a dragon’s and then their bodies took the full form of the mighty Dragon."

The nine warrior Koi listened to stories of the elders, their emotions were a mixture of fear and excitement, the passion for their collective ambition led them to one day make the trip to the Dragon Gate. The names of the nine were Koi Akihito, Naruhito, Noryuki, Jakehiro, Michiko, Eko, Etsuko, Juri and Ikumi and there were 5 girls and 4 boys, equal in strength, determination and intelligence, but of very different character. Each had its own distinctive koi brand that allowed the princess to give the name of each.

Akihito, was a male Koi and probably the most dominant of the warriors
Naruhito, was a male Koi very sympathetic in nature but strong minded nonetheless
Noryuki, was a male Koi, the wildest of the bunch
Jakehiro, was a male Koi, the maverick
Michiko, was a female Koi, very wise with great leadership instinct
Eko, was a female Koi, independent in every way even with an injured tail fin
Etsuko, also a female Koi, the youngest and most energetic of the warriors
Juri, a female Koi and the oldest warrior, the great councillor
Ikumi, probably the prettiest of the Koi, beware this warriors beauty !

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